Where did Floor Plan Mapper come from?

And, Where did the Idea for Interactive Office Floor Maps Software Originate?

A way back in 2010, ESRI Inc. (The worlds leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software), challenged its customers to develop something interesting, useful, and, cool using their software development tools. ESRI called the challenge “The 2010 Mashup Challenge.” Of course with any good challenge, there was prize money. As such, Mark Laudon, a Geographic Information Systems Architect took it upon himself to build a web mapping application, that shifted from the usual outdoor world (i.e. Google Maps) to the indoor world. This idea was dreamed up on his daily commute to the office.

Using ESRI’s JavaScript API, Mark was able to develop a web based app that added geographic content to office floor plans, namely employee locations. The result was an interactive office floor maps mapping application for the ESRI Redlands California Head office. And, fortunately, the app did win a prize.

“Mark Laudon of LaudonTech in Surrey, Ontario, Canada, took third prize and $2,500 for Floor Plan Mapping, an interactive building floor plan with employee search capabilities that allows retrieval of information such as a brief employee biography.”

Interactive Office Floor Maps

In 2011, Floor Plan Mapper was originally launched. Floor Plan Mapper’s first customer, ZS Associates (a global management consulting and technology firm) helped shape the form of Floor Plan Mapper. After winning the mashup challenge, Mark decided to test the market to see if an app like this would be adopted. It turns out, many organizations were challenged with the problem of location things (employees, meeting rooms, printers) in their workplace. The concept of Interactive Office Floor Maps Software was born.


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"I use it every day!"
The floor plan map is one of the most helpful tools at the front desk. I use it every day! Not only does it make navigating a breeze, it also helps me find people if I am unable to reach them at their desk. I can’t imagine my work day without the Floor Plan Mapper!

Monique Kielkopf, Worthington Industries
"We definitely recommend it!"
Our company started using Floor Plan Mapper in 2016. As we have grown and added more offices, we’ve added more floor plans. We are currently using Floor Plan Mapper to display 23different floor plans on our Intranet and the plan is to continue to add more as we expand across the country. Floor Plan Mapper is a great product and the customer service and response time is wonderful. We definitely recommend it!

Tammy Petrekovich, Surveying And Mapping, LLC (SAM)
"Quickly and Efficiently"
Our employees utilize the Floor Plan Mapper software daily, and with the intuitive design and easy interface, they're able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Natalie Yarbrough, Peoples Health
"Highly Recommend"
Talk about a team that’s always up for a challenge! Mark worked tirelessly to customize Floor Plan Mapper to achieve Hulu’s vision of the ultimate seating chart. He never shied away from my “pipe-dream” ideas and was always available to brainstorm or trouble-shoot, no matter the time of day. This kind of personalized service is rare in the world of big-box SaaS products; I highly recommend Mark and his team if you’re looking to create a one-of a kind platform that is both reliable and user-friendly.

Lauren Nuttall, Manager of HQ Facilities Programs & Operations, Hulu Inc.

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"Very Helpful"
LaudonTech’s FloorPlanMapper has been very helpful for our company as we have grown and as our office space needs have expanded around the globe. It has helped us manage where people or open desks are situated and has become an important tool for identifying where people are for day-to-day interactions or are expected to be in potential disaster recovery or emergency situations.

IS manager from a 20+ Billion dollar hedge fund with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
"Amazing Tool"
The Floor Mapper is an amazing tool to help easily find a coworker or meeting room within our building. This tool is especially great for new employees, as our company is continuously growing!

Steven Farris – Lee Company
"Outstanding Product"
Our users delight in finding printers and conference rooms using LaudonTech's Floor Plan Mapper. Installed in our organizations SharePoint site, they just click on a link in our SharePoint Site and the application loads. Our help desk calls on printer and conference rooms have been cut in half. Floor Mapper is an outstanding product!

Ed Stotz, CPA CISSP MCPD, PMP, District Department of Transportation, Washington DC
"Would recommend"
LaudonTech's Floor Plan Mapper integrates very nicely with multiple 3rd-party systems. End-users can easily update their location so there is virtually zero administrative overhead. I would recommend LaudonTech's floor plan mapper any organization looking for an asset mapping solution.

Adam Meeker, Business Analyst, Integrated DNA Technologies