Areas of Interest Add-on to Add Searchable Shapes to Floor Plans

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What is an “Area of Interest”?

An area of interest is simply an area or part of a building which shares a common purpose or requires delineation for the purposes of navigation. Four common types of areas of interest that are often utilized on floor plans include:

  • Departments – Departments refer to an area within a building that shares a common purpose. For example, there may be a group of desks and offices constituting an HR department, or an IT Department. This is the most common utilization pattern for Floor Plan Mappers Area of Interest add-on.
  • Meeting Areas – Meeting areas refer to either a purposed conference room or locations throughout an office that may be suitable for adhoc meetings.
  • Common Areas and Amenities – Common areas often take the form of coffee rooms, lunch rooms, gyms, restrooms and First Aid rooms, etc.
  • Emergency Evacuation Routes – Evac routes are areas drawn on a floor plan to show the physical routes to take to evacuate an office area.
Area of Interest on Floor Plans
Areas of Interest on a floor plan














The Areas of Interest Module already existed in the on-premise version of Floor Plan Mapper and is now available in the online hosted version of Floor Plan Mapper.

Creating Areas of Interest on a Floor Plan

There are just a few simple steps to create an Area of Interest on a floor plan:

  1. Draw/Sketch – The first step involves using a mouse to click and draw/sketch the Area of Interest shape on the floor plan. The Area of Interest shape need not be confined to a rectangle or square. There are no restrictions on the shapes of an Area of Interest.

    Area of Interest on Floor Plans
    Drawing an areas of interest shape on a floor plan.
  2. Assign a Name – Assigning a name to the Area of Interest is an important step as this name will be referenced by Floor Plan Mappers’ powerful search engine.

    Area of Interest
    Searching for a department on a floor plan,
  3. Assign a Colour – Assigning a color to an Area of Interest is not only a way to ensure floor plans are visually appealing, but also a useful feature to mimic existing floor coloring schemes.

    Assigning a colour to an area of Interest on a floor plan
    Assigning a colour to an area on a floor plan

See the Floor Plan Mappers Areas of Interest in action care of this video:

Try the Floor Plan Mapper Online’s Area of Interest add-on via a free trial here.



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