Book Desks via Floor Plan Mapper Active Directory Version

November 20, 2020by admin0
Book Desks Easily with Floor Plan Mapper’s new Desk Booking Module

The ability to perform hot desking or interactive office floor plan desk booking is now available in the Windows Active Directory enabled version of Floor Plan Mapper. Here is how it works:

An employee launches Floor Plan Mapper. Floor Plan Mapper automatically filters the desk location based on what is booked or vacant for the day, and the future. Employees can quickly visualize which desks might be available for booking. Employees can also see who is in the office for the day. Clicking on one of the desks displays the employees profile information from the Windows Active Directory in real time.

Legend showing office floor plan desk availability

Employees can also filter the desk availability based on a date range. For example, an employee would like to see who is in the office next week, and see which spots are still available for booking.

Show desk availability by setting a custom date range.

Hovering over a desk will display the amenities at a desk of interest:

Book Desks With Floor Plan Mapper

Hover over a desk to see what amenities are available

To book a desk, an employee simply clicks on a vacant desk, selects the name of the employee to book the desk for, and, selects a date/time range. Alternatively, an employee can chose to select a recurring schedule such as only Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Once a booking range is set, employees can add the event to their Microsoft Outlook or Google calendars:

Add a desk booking event to an Outlook Calendar

Watch the video below to see how to book desks on an interactive floor plan:

Floor Plan Mapper Active Directory Version supports the hybrid workplace. This module is an excellent choice for existing Floor Plan Mapper AD clients.

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