Seat Planning Software – (SaaS) Version 1.0 of Floor Plan Mapper Released

October 4, 2019by admin0

Seat Planning Software in the Cloud

You can now subscribe to Floor Plan Mapper Online. Floor Plan Mapper Online is a Cloud hosted version of the popular on-premise version of Seat Planning Software: Floor Plan Mapper. Floor Plan Mapper Online provides an alternative to self hosting on premise.

Take a look at how easy it is to get Floor Plan Mapper Online up and running to create an interactive office map.

For as little as $28 per month, you can solve the problem of employee seating location planning, locating people and meeting rooms in your organization. Full software pricing details here:

Floor Plan Mapper Online Pricing

Embed an interactive office map into SharePoint or an Intranet to provide a seamless integration point with an existing office employee directory. Upload floor plans, import employees, and the office seating chart will come alive. Desk Booking, Adding Areas of Interest and Custom Icon creation are supported in Floor Plan Mapper Online.

Sign up for a fully functional demo here:

Seat Planning Software in Action
office map in the cloud

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