Desk Booking Made Easy with Floor Plan Mapper Online v1.7

February 13, 2023by admin0
Best Floor Plan Mapper Desk Booking

Floor Plan Mapper Online delivers a comprehensive, quick, cost effective and easy hot desking/desk booking solution. Take a look at how easy it is to book a desk via Floor Plan Mapper Online.

Need to quickly book a desk in your office? Floor Plan Mapper Online provides a quick and easy platform for hot desking and hoteling. Simply click on a desk, set the booking preferences and you’re good to go.

This quick video demonstrates the basics of booking a desk including:

-Apply a date filter to search for an available desk. The filter desk bookings helps to quickly locate a free desk to book.
Desk Booking Filter

Creating a one-time desk booking. Select a start day and time and an end day and time to book the desk for.

Book a desk for a day. Book a desk for the whole days, or multiple full days.

Set an email reminder for a desk booking. Have Floor Plan Mapper send an email reminder for booked desks.

Create a repetitive booking. Reserve a desk on a repetitive schedule. Perhaps, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Delete an existing booking. Delete a reservation.

Floor Plan Mapper Online is a cloud based office seating plan software which brings office floor plan to life by transforming them into an interactive, searchable and bookable platform.

For more information on how Floor Plan Mapper Online provides a comprehensive desk booking solution, visit or Contact Us!

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