Office/Desk Utilization Reporting in Floor Plan Mapper

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Office/Desk Utilization Reporting in Floor Plan Mapper

How efficiently is your office space being managed? With the proliferation of hybrid workplaces, hoteling and desk booking have become core practices in the present day workplace. One challenge facility managers face is to determine how effective is office space being utilized.

desk utilization reporting is key to efficient management

Floor Plan Mapper provides a couple of solutions when it comes to getting a handle on office space and floorplan utilization.

      1. Interactive office floorplans. There is a saying that goes like this: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  One of the easiest ways to to quickly visualize office space visualization is to simply view a live floor plan showing who and where staff are sitting in a given day or week. Floor Plan Mapper provides the ability to filter the floor plan, that is, set a date range to see who is using the office and when.

      Vacant spots on a floor plan













      2.  Employee Export. Floor Plan Mapper provides the utility to create an employee report. The employee report is the current list of employees in the Floor Plan Mapper database. Along with the list of employees, desk booking utilization is also exported. This provides the framework for the following types of reports:

    • Health tracking. With the employee reporting function, you can go back in time to see who was in the office and when. This can be extremly useful for health audit tracing.
    • Desk Utilization Reporting. The employee report file contains all the historical desk booking required to create an office space audit report. An example might be, show me how many desks were booked last month and how many were vacant.
    • Office space planning reports. The ability to report office utilization on a monthly basis provides the information nescessary to monitor when getting close to running out of office space.



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