Why Use Floor Plan Mapper’s Innovative Custom Icon Add-in for Facilities Asset Management

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Legacy Icons Module

The ability to add custom searchable icons and symbols to interactive floor plans to aid in Facilities Asset Management has existed in the on premise versions of Floor Plan Mapper for many years:

Now, the same functionality is available in the Cloud/SaaS version of Floor Plan Mapper.

Custom Icons Use Cases
  • Interactive office emergency response plan floor plans

    Floor Plan Mapper clients typically have used the Custom Icons functionality to create interactive office emergency response plan floor plans. Normally clients would require architects/designers to utilize high end software to create emergency response floor plan products (paper/PDF). Having the ability to upload custom icons/symbols/assets to interactive floor plans dynamically eliminates the need to contract this function out. In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Interactive floor plans are invaluable tools for facility managers to develop and communicate emergency plans effectively. By overlaying safety information, exit routes, and critical equipment on the floor plan, facility managers can ensure that employees and emergency responders have easy access to vital information during a crisis. This not only improves response times but also contributes to a safer and more secure workplace.

  • Facilities Asset Management

    Facility management is a complex and dynamic field that involves overseeing a wide range of tasks, from maintenance and security to space utilization and employee satisfaction. In this digital age, facility managers have a powerful tool at their disposal that can greatly simplify their responsibilities: interactive floor plans. These digital representations of physical spaces offer a wealth of benefits to facility managers, making their jobs more efficient and effective.

    Facility managers are often responsible for managing a wide range of assets, from furniture and equipment to security systems and HVAC units. Interactive floor plans make it easier to keep track of these assets by allowing managers to link them to specific locations on the digital map. This feature simplifies asset inventory, maintenance tracking, and replacement planning, ensuring that valuable assets are utilized efficiently and cost-effectively.

Adding Custom Icons/Symbols to Floor Plans

The 3 steps to add and use custom symbols on interactive floor plans involve:

  1. Defining/Naming custom icon/symbol.  To create a new custom icon for use in Floor Plan Mapper involves setting a name for the Icon, uploading an icon image (png, svg, etc.) and, setting the desired size for the icon. Depending on the scale of the floor plan, the icon size can be manipulated to scale accordingly.

    Facilities Asset Management - Create a Custom Icon
    Upload a custom icon to add to a floor plan
  2. Place icons/symbols. Placing a custom icon/symbol on a floor plan involves navigating the floor plan, then, simply dragging the icon to the desired location.
    Facilities Asset Management - Picking an Icon to add to a floor plan
    Picking an Icon to add to a floor plan
    Facilities Asset Management - Drag a symbol onto a floor plan
    Drag a symbol onto a floor plan

    Assigning a decription to the icon/symbol/asset can be very beneficial for Facilities Asset Management as seen in the next step, custom symbols can be searched for an located.

    Facilities Asset Management - Edit Icon Details
    Edit Icon Details
  3. Searching for icons/symbols/assets. Once Icons/Symbols have been added to the floor plan, they will be searchable via the global search box. Typing in a few letters will return any symbols/icons with the search term in their name or description.
Facilities Asset Management Searching for an Asset on a floor plan
Searching for an Asset on a floor plan

Hotlinking to a custom icon/symbol/asset on a facilities floor plan in order to link Floor Plan Mapper to an existing Facilities Asset Management system is fully supported. Here is an example of a hotlink to a HVAC unit on a hospital floor plan:


Most Facilities Asset Management systems provide the ability to create a custom asset attribute. Populating the custom FM attribute with a hotlink to an asset location is invaluable.

Check out this video for a complete walk through of how to add custom icons/symbols to floor plans:


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