Floor Plan Mapper Version 5.0 Release

September 2, 2022by admin0
What’s new in the Latest Release of Floor Plan Mapper?

Over 70% of Floor Plan Mapper clients utilize the real-time Windows AD integrated version of Floor Plan Mapper. As such, we receive many great new feature requests. Here are some of the new features found in our latest release of Floor Plan Mapper:

Latest Release of Floor Plan Mapper

  • Floor Plan Mapper v5 includes a new updated standardized icon set including these common office points of interest:
    • AED
    • Eye Wash
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • First Aid
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • PC
    • Printer
    • Recycle

Floor Plan Mapper can also be customized to include any office features/icons/images.

Latest Release of Floor Plan Mapper

  • One of the most commonly asked-for features is the ability to search and find custom icons/office features on office floor plans. With Floor Plan Mapper v5, this is now possible. Alongside the existing Search for Areas of Interest, there is now a Search for Feature dropdown. Selecting a feature from the list navigates Floor Plan Mapper to the correct building and floor and zooms into the location of the features.

  • Another useful feature request was to provide a way to export the Floor Plan Mapper employee data file. By exporting the data file, clients can perform custom vacancy reports, seating tables, and much more via Excel or PowerBI for example.

These are only a few of the enhancements found in Floor Plan Mapper v5. There are also many under the hood improvements such as performance boosters, PHP 8.0 support, and bug fixes.

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