Floor Plan Mapper’s Newest Feature – Floor Plan with Windows AD

September 14, 2011by admin0

View a Floor Plan with Windows AD

Floor Plan Mapper is constantly evolving. Every Floor Plan Mapper implementation results in fresh and innovative ideas. Here is the lowdown on the latest enhancement to Floor Plan Mapper:

In current versions of Floor Plan Mapper, when searching for an employee, a callout window pointing to the employees location pops up, displaying the employee attributes read from the Windows Active Directory.

However, if the name of the employee is unknown, it was difficult to find out who the employee was, and where they were located. Using the latest version of Floor Plan Mapper, the interactive floor plan is now “live”, that is, when you hover over an office, the employees name will show up in a tooltip. Clicking on an office will pop up a window displaying the employee attributes/photo queried live from the Windows Active Directory.

floor plan with windows ad

Learn more here.

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