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Office Seating Software Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Floor Plan Mapper's Office Seating Software Solution?

Floor Plan Mapper is an innovative software application designed to solve the simple problem of locating staff, printers, meeting rooms and whatever else you need to find within an office building. Floor Plan Mapper creates an interactive map of your floor plans from which you cans search for and find employees, visually book desks, locate meeting rooms, create office seating plans and much more. Floor Plan Mapper is available as a online hosted software as a service, or as an on-premise installation.

How much does Floor Plan Mapper cost?

Pricing is based on the number and complexity of office floor plans for the on premise (self-hosted) version of Floor Plan Mapper The usual one time cost (not subscription based) per floor plan can be as low as $75 per floor plan. This cost includes free yearly upgrades and unlimited support and training. There are no additional monthly or annual licensing/subscription costs associated with Floor Plan Mapper on premise. The on-premise licensing is perpetual. Pricing for the online hosted version of Floor Plan Mapper (Floor Plan Mapper Online) is subscription based. Full pricing details can be found here: Floor Plan Mapper Pricing.

Do you provide discounted pricing for educational and/or non-profit organizations?

Yes. We offer a 15% discount for educational and/or non-profit organizations.

Is there a limit to the number of employees or number of floors we can use with Floor Plan Mapper?

No. Floor Plan Mapper is designed to scale up to managing thousands of employees over hundreds of floor plans. There are no licensing restrictions with regards to the number of employees, desks, or physical building or floors.

Which companies are using Floor Plan Mapper?

Floor Plan Mapper has a huge client base ranging from Mercedes Benz to Hulu to Guess. The brands you recognize trust Floor Plan Mapper to solve their office space management problems. There are currently over 500 organizations using Floor Plan Mapper’s office seating software.

Where/How does Floor Plan Mapper get installed?

Floor Plan Mapper is available as on-premise web based application hosted entirely on your own web servers, or an online hosted (SaaS) version:

Hosted Interactive Floor Plans

Floor Plan Mapper Online

What web server technology does Floor Plan Mapper require?

IIS or Apache Tomcat or any web server service.

Can Floor Plan Mapper be hosted on a Linux Server?


Can Floor Plan Mapper be integrated into an Intranet such as SharePoint?

Yes. Floor Plan Mapper can be embedded into an intranet. For more information regarding how Floor Plan Mapper integrates with an intranet, read our recent blog post here. Use Floor Plan Mapper to provide a visual staff directory for your organization.

Does Floor Plan Mapper integrate with the Windows Active Directory?

Floor Plan Mapper fully integrates with the Windows Active Directory (AD). Floor Plan Mapper can display data from any AD field including the employee photo in realtime. No need to export or sync your AD data with Floor Plan Mapper.

Does Floor Plan Mapper integrate with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory?

Floor Plan Mapper fully integrates with Office 365 and the Azure Active Directory. Floor Plan Mapper can display data from any Azure AD field including the employee photo in realtime. No need to export or sync your Office 365 employee profile data with Floor Plan Mapper.

How do we get our floor plans into Floor Plan Mapper?

Floor plans are imported into a proprietary Floor Plan Mapper format allowing for smooth, efficient zooming and navigation while maintaining the original quality of the floor plan drawing.

What format do the floor plans need to be in?

Floor Plan Mapper can import/load any floor plan image format, although PDF is preferred.

What happens if we change the physical layout of our floor plans?

In the event the physical layout of your office changes, we will have to re-import the floor plans for you. This takes only about an hour or so and you will not need to have to re-assign any employee locations. The floor plan will be updated in the same location as the previous floor plan.

Does Floor Plan Mapper support Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Calendar/Room Booking integration?

Yes. Floor Plan Mapper can hotlink a meeting room directly with your online calendar system.

Can Floor Plan Mapper be integrated with other corporate systems such as Asset Management/Facilities Management systems?

Yes. Floor Plan Mapper is architected with an open backend data model/software architecture. This allows Floor Plan Mapper to easily integrate with Asset Management systems such as ServiceNow, Dell, KACE, Deltek and TopDesk.

Where can I find out more information about Floor Plan Mapper?

Contact us! We will get back to you usually within an hour or so.

How long does it take to get Floor Plan Mapper setup?

Floor Plan Mapper takes no longer than an hour to install and share with your organization.

How long has Floor Plan Mapper been solving the problem of locating things in office buildings?

Floor Plan Mapper has mapped office building floor plans for over 10 years now, evolving Floor Plan Mapper to be the most robust solution for office seating plan creation, desk booking, meeting room locating and printers for office buildings.

What separates you from the competition?

Scalability, Price, Self Hosted Option and Performance.

Scalability: Floor Plan Mapper competitor suites work fine for small companies (<100 employees or so), however competitor suites do not scale to an enterprise level. In fact, some of Floor Plan Mapper’s current clients have over 10,000 employees. Floor Plan Mapper is a true enterprise solution, especially when coupled with the Windows Active Directory or Office 365.

Pricing: Floor Plan Mapper’s flexible pricing model for the self hosted on-premise versions means you only pay once . No subscription or maintenance fees. And, no limits or restrictions on the number of floors or number of employees Floor Plan Mapper can manage. The pricing for the SaaS version of Floor Plan Mapper is the best bag for your buck when compared to other interactive office floor plan vendors.

Self Hosting: The ability to install a secure on-premise self hosted version of Floor Plan Mapper employee mapping software sets us apart from other office mapping solutions. You can keep your sensitive employee profile data safe by hosting and integrating internally.

Performance: Due to the underlying mapping technology Floor Plan Mapper utilizes (GIS – Geographic Information System), performance is never a concern; no matter the number of floors or employees.

Do you have any add-on modules/packages?

Floor Plan Mapper’s modular design allow you to plug and play modular functionality as desired. Here are a few of our current add on modules: The Desk Booking Module provides the functionality required to perform hot desking (book desks) Take a look at a video demonstration of the Desk Booking Module here:

The Business Areas Module provides the functionality required to draw areas of interest on floor plans, then search for them. Take a look at a video demonstration of the Business Area Module here:

The Icons Module provides the functionality required to add your own custom icons to floor plans. This is especially useful for emergency plans, printer locations and facilities locations. Take a look at a video demonstration of the Icons Module here:

Floor Plan Mapper

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