Floor Plan Mapper Online Now Supports Desk Book/Hot Desking

June 11, 2021by admin0
Hot Desking – Supporting the Hybrid Workplace

Floor Plan Mapper Online, our online version of Floor Plan Mapper now supports desk booking/hot desking. As staff currently working remotely return to the office, the need to manage staff seating arrangements in a flexible easy manner is paramount. Floor Plan Mapper Online’s new Desk Booking Module provides the solution to create dynamic staffing seating configurations.

Here is a quick run-through on how the Desk Booking Module works:

  1. A quick visual inspection of the office floor will show which seats are booked, and, which ones are available for booking. You can also see other items like First Aid Kits, Recycling Bins, Printers and Meeting Rooms.

    2. Next, click on an empty desk to book it. To permanently book the desk, specify “Infinity Booking”

    Hot Desking Date Selection

    Set a reminder interval to automatically be notified via email before your desk booking event.
    Desk is now booked. Floor Plan Mapper supports multiple bookings per desk making it easy to share a desk with multiple staff. Using Floor Plan Mapper software to meet your office seating plan needs just makes sense.

Sign up for a free full functional trial of Floor Plan Mapper Online and give it a try.

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