Create an interactive office floor plan
How it works.

There are only four simple steps to building an interactive office floor plan using the Floor Plan Mapper software.

Step 1Upload Floor Plans

Upload floor plans in any image format (PDF, CAD, PNG, JPG, etc.). As part of the import process, our team will possibly edit your floor plans to ensure the final plans look amazing.

Step 2Import Employee Data

Upload a spreadsheet of employee profile data. Or, manually enter employee profile data.

Step 3Assign Locations

Using the intuitive Floor Plan Mapper drag and drop user interface, drag employees, meeting rooms, printers, desks etc. to their current building, floor, and office location.

Step 4Share the Floor Plans

Seamlessly embed Floor Plan Mapper into an Intranet (floor SharePoint), or simply share the Floor Plan Mapper URL with staff. Alternatively, direct hotlinks can be created to where an employee is located.

Floor Plan Mapper
includes many useful features

Here are some of the great features included in the Floor Plan Mapper office mapping software suite.
Cloud Version
On-premise version
Desk Booking
24x7 Customer Support
Mobile Devices
Enterprise Single Sign On
Smart Search
Drag and Drop
Add your own Icons
Add your own Shapes

On-Prem or Cloud?
Evaluate your Options

Drag and Drop Location Editing
Lifetime Support
Security & software updates
Windows Active Directory IntegrationGeneric Sync
Office 365 IntegrationGeneric Sync
Drawing Areas of Interest
Custom Icon Pins
Desk Booking
Perpetual Licensing
Subscription Based Licensing

More information? Check out or FAQ or Pricing.