Floor Plan Mapper Online Now Supports Adding Custom Icons for an Office Evacuation Plan

August 24, 2020by admin0
Create an Office Evacuation Plan Using Floor Plan Mapper’s Custom Icon Tools


The on-premise version of Floor Plan Mapper has long provided the ability to add additional context to floor plans by being able to place custom icons or symbols right on the floor plan via the Icons Module.  This is especially useful for creating an office evacuation plan. This eliminates the need to have the original floor plans edited to display this content.

Now, the online version of Floor Plan Mapper  also supports drawing or adding icons/symbols to floor plans. Some of the reasons our existing clients utilize this functionality are:

  • Display which desks are available vs occupied. For example, Covid-19 related regulations specify no persons can be working within 2 metres of each other. So, simply placing the “desk unavailable” icons on the floor plans to accomplish the required seating arrangement is a quick an easy way to comply with the Work Safe regulations.
  • Display office amenities such as recycle bins, printers, restrooms, etc.
  • Display emergency related symbols such as first aid kits, AED’s, emergency exits, etc.

Add Icons to a Floor Plan to create an office evacuation plan


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