Floor Plan Mapper Cloud (SaaS) Version Coming Soon solving indoor mapping problems

November 26, 2018by admin0
Migrating indoor mapping solutions from on-prem to Cloud

According to Forbes Online, “83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020. Digitally transforming enterprises (63%) is the leading factor driving greater public cloud engagement or adoption today.” The usage of Office 365™ among organizations globally has reached over 56% in 2018, up from 34% in 2016. These industry trends coupled with our many existing clients requests drive the need for a Cloud SaaS based version of Floor Plan Mapper.

We will be announcing our Cloud/SaaS subscription pricing bundles shortly, with a launch of our SaaS portal early next year. Existing clients can begin migrating their Floor Plan Mapper  indoor mapping solution to the Cloud at that time.

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