Achieve Interactive Office 365 Floor Plans for your Office!

January 30, 2018by admin2
Interactive Office 365 Floor Plans


The majority of Floor Plan Mapper clients implement the on-premise Windows Active Directory version of Floor Plan Mapper. With 35% growth for Office 365 in 2017 over 2016, organizations are seeing value in moving to cloud-based solutions. Microsoft’s Office 365 solution provides an Active Directory solution, the Azure Active Directory.  This allows organizations to manage employee profile information in Office 365.

Floor Plan Mapper fully integrates with Office 365 and the Azure Active Directory. The Floor Plan Mapper employee and meeting room search box populates from the Office 365 Azure Active Directory enabling fully interactive Office 365 floor plans.

Interactive office 365 floor plans
Floor Plan Mapper Employee Search

When a search result is selected, Floor Plan Mapper navigates the floor plan list to the correct floor, then zooms into the searched employee, and, retrieves the Office 365 Azure Active Directory profile details in real time.  The employee profile photo from the Azure AD displays as well.

Floor Plan Mapper Employee Profile

The Office 365 integrated version of Floor Plan Mapper also supports custom linking.  That is, by adding an employee name or seating ID to the end of the Floor Plan Mapper web link address, Floor Plan Mapper can be opened and automatically zoom to the employees location on a floor plan, and, display their profile details.  Try out a custom Floor Plan Mapper link here: Ross

Watch the video below to observe Floor Plan Mapper Office 365 in action.

Or, try a live interactive Office 365 Staff Map demo here:

For more details, contact us here:


  • Andrew Kleinwaks

    December 10, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Hello. I have an office with around 80 people, and would like to create an interactive floor plan. The existing floor plan is a pdf, and I’d like to tie that into our office 365, allowing someone to click on a seat, and the occupants info would be a pop-up – pretty much what you have demo’d here. What is the cost for this, and is it relatively simple for the end user to construct?


    • LaudonTech

      December 10, 2018 at 9:41 am

      Hi Andrew.

      The cost per floor plan ranges from $75 to $150. (One time cost). Drop us an email at for access to our live online demos.




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