Floor Plan Mapper Online Supports SSO

October 13, 2022by admin0

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication technique that enables the ability to log in to numerous distinct software systems using a single set of credentials.  Using Floor Plan Mapper online support SSO eliminates the hassle of having different user credentials for every online app being accessed.

Online Support

Floor Plan Mapper Online clients utilizing Microsoft Office 365 in their organizations can now log in to Floor Plan Mapper using SSO.

Online Support - Floor Plan Mapper Sign in From

To configure user accounts to utilize SSO, the email address associated with the user account in Floor Plan Mapper should be an Office 365 login account.


Online Support


Alternatively, SSO user accounts can automatically be created in batch upon employee import. To obtain a CSV file for import into Floor Plan Mapper, a user list can be exported from the Azure AD via the web management console.


Online Support


Upon import into Floor Plan Mapper, checking the “Create User Accounts” option automatically creates SSO login accounts for Floor Plan Mapper.


Online Support

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