Real Time Indoor Positioning via an Interactive Floor Plan Map…

June 12, 2011by admin0

What if you could track your employees in real time, indoors and out? Sounds a bit Big Brotherish, wouldn’t you say? Well, perhaps not. There are many real world applications for tracking indoor movements on an interactive floor plan. For example, tracking patients in a hospital, or, tracking scientists in high security areas. In the past, technology limited real time accurate indoor positioning. However, there are now presently various ways to track a person or asset or equipment in a indoor system. Nokia and Navteq are a couple of the industry leaders with respect to indoor positioning:

There are a few other innovative solutions being researched as well. We will cover those in another post.
The way to truly bring value to indoor positioning is to couple the real time location data with an interactive floor plan. Using an interactive floor plan viewer, moving objects can be displayed and followed right on a building floor plan. LaudonTech is planning on partnering with indoor positioning vendors to provide a comprehensive interactive real time positioning solution. Stay tuned for details, as well as a great demo video!

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