Floor Plan Mapper ServiceNow™ IT Asset Management Integration

April 14, 2020by admin0

Have you ever had trouble locating the physical location an IT Asset within your organization? Floor Plan Mapper can help. The Floor Plan Mapper ServiceNow™ integration module allows you to assign a unique location on an office floor plan for all of your IT Assets. This two way integration allows you to navigate to an assets location on a floor plan right from within the ServiceNow™ Asset Management Application. Clicking on the image below demonstrates launching Floor Plan Mapper directly from ServiceNow™:

IT Asset
ServiceNow™ IT Assets on a Floor Plan

Alternatively, you can search and find IT Assets on a floor plan using the Floor Plan Mapper Asset Manager application. Simply select the office floor plan you are interested in, and, click on an IT Asset to view the details. Then, click on the View Asset in ServiceNow™ button to launch ServiceNow™ and view the asset details. Clicking on the image below demonstrates launching ServiceNow™ Asset Management from the Floor Plan Mapper Asset Manager.

IT Asset
Launch ServiceNow™ Asset Manager from a Floor Plan

Contact us to try the ServiceNow™ IT Asset Manager Floor Plan Mapper integration.

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