Floor Plan Mapper/TOPDesk Integration

May 1, 2012by admin1
Floor Plan Mapper facilities management solution expands its integration points by seamlessly integrating with TOPDesk.

TOPdesk Facilities Management Software

TOPdesk is an international leader in cutting-edge Service facilities Management solutions and standardized ITIL software. Over 4,000 organizations use TOPdesk with over 5,000 implementations worldwide. TOPDesk’s numerous modules are ideal candidates to realize value through interactive floor plans.

Floor Plan Mapper directly accesses TOPDesk’s robust database model to interactively display employees, assets, IT technicians on an interactive floor plan. Being able to quickly locate and visualize employees and IT assets, directly from TopDesk has proven to be invaluable to IT/HR managers and staff. Integrating Floor Plan Mapper with TOPDesk eliminates the need to manage and update CAD and PDF based floor plan drawings. Sharing floor plans based on TOPDesk data is as easy as sending an email containing a unique link. Open the link, and, Floor Plan Mapper zooms directly to the employee or asset. Then, provides a quick snapshot of the most important data relating to the asset or employee.

Adding TOPDesk to the list of existing Floor Plan Mapper enterprise system integrations (Windows Active Directory, Alitiris, PeopleSoft, etc) greatly increases the portability of Floor Plan Mapper. Stay tuned, who knows which enterprise system Floor Plan Mapper will be integrating with next!

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  • Brian Ladley

    September 18, 2013 at 8:54 am

    I’m interested in your product. I’ve been looking for a solution like this for about 10 years. What kind of price range will this fall into?


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