Why Implement Interactive Office Floor Plan Software?

September 14, 2021by admin0

Interactive Office Floor Plan Software whether hosted online or on-premise greatly enhances the productivity of your workplace. Being able to quickly find where someone is located anywhere in your organization is one of the greatest benefits of implementing an interactive staff seating chart.

Of course, there are numerous other benefits. The ability to give your employees the option to  dynamically book a desk has become a critical function in todays workplaces.

Being able to add context to your office floor plans such as sanitizing stations, recycle bins, first aid stations, etc. also helps with workplace efficiency.

And, the ability to quickly locate an area of interest such as a department, or, a project area can greatly reduce the time it takes to figure out the layout of your office floor plan.

Once you’ve implemented a dynamic staff seating plan, the best way to share the solution with your staff is to embed the interactive floor plan into an Intranet, like SharePoint for example.

There are many other reasons to implement employee floor plans directories. Contact us for more information.

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